Friday, July 5, 2013

IPO of Sana Kisan Bikash Bank & Rural Microfinance Development Centre (RMDC) affects secondary market.

Nearing fiscal year end and IPOs of Sana Kisan Bikash Bank Limited and Rural Microfinance Development Centre Ltd. swept away the positive sentiment of the market that was seen last week from the news of NRB in process to increase the paid up capital of financial institutions, this week.

The market index came down by 1.91 points to close at 493.63 levels by the end of this week.

The pressure of the upcoming fiscal year closing has kept the investors short of cash as they are obligated to either pay the debt or omitted from getting share loans. Along with this scenario, the investors holding back to invest in the upcoming two of the appealing IPOs from next week have even further saturated the market this week.

The market turnover fell by 11 percent this week to total around Rs 378.85 million with a daily average of Rs75.77 million compared to Rs 84.91 million of the prior week.

Altogether, the market saw 5,985 transactions in which 1,753,534 shares were traded. The market capitalization at the end of the review period stood at Rs 489,086.96 million.

The Sensitive index, which measures the movement of blue chip companies, also declined by 0.96 points to settle at 122.69 levels. Likewise, Float index, which measures the movement of ordinary shares only, also lost 0.17 points to settle at 35.18 levels.

As for the movement of sub-indices, Hotels made a miraculous jump of 19.29 points followed by Insurance with a surge of 7.94 points. Similarly, Hydro made a gain of 2.76 points alongside Development with a 1 point incline.

While, Banking plunged 4.25 points and Finance dropped by 1.17 points. As for Manufacturing and Others, both remained intact at 878.17 and 622.7 levels respectively.

Overall, the scrips of 123 companies were traded, out of which 41 scrips gained, 12 remained intact and 70 scrips lost.

The highest gainer among the scrips traded this week was NB Insurance Co. Ltd. (NBIL) that closed at Rs 55, gaining of Rs 13 or 30.95%. Among the shares trading above par i.e. above Rs 100, Summit Micro Finance Development Bank Ltd. (SMFDB), closed at Rs 220, was the top gainers with Rs 23 or 11.67% gain.

Whereas, Citizen Investment Trust (CIT), closed at Rs 1150, was the highest loser with Rs 431, or 27.61%, loss. The huge plummet in CIT was mainly because of the adjustment of 38.89% bonus share in the price level of the company this week by Nepse following the book closure on 28th June, 2013.

In terms of the highest shares traded among mutual fund, Nabil Balance Fund 1 (NBF1), closed at Rs 9.93, topped with 419,376 units whereas among the ordinary scrips trading above par, Commerz & Trust Bank Nepal Ltd (CTBNL), closed at Rs 140, topped with 136,311 units; the scrip also had the highest number of transactions with 790 times.

In case of highest turnover, Chilime Hydropower Co. Ltd (CHCL), closed at Rs 1136, topped with  43,938 units worth  Rs 49,363,250 via 220 transactions; in which Broker no 22 (Siprabi Securities Pvt. Limited) was the most active Broker with 21.76% stand alone dealing of CHCL, tallying 19,130 units worth Rs 21,485,968 via 46 transactions which  includes 9 matching transactions totaling 2,306 units worth Rs 2,592,600.
src : sharesansar